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For over 30 years, Pizza Factory has stayed true to its roots. Hardworking owners and staff, family-friendly dining, and a high-quality product make us who we are. We take pride in the smile that first bite of pizza gives our guests. We strive to make everyone feel as if this is their hometown pizzeria.

“We Toss’em, They’re Awesome” — our hand-tossed pizzas are simply the best. Each bubbly, cheesy pie is made with the 100% real mozzarella cheese and our signature sauce. It’s hard to say what makes it so delicious: the dough, the sauce, or is it the fresh toppings? We’ll let you decide, if you can.

About Pizza Factory

I grew up loving Pizza Factory Pizza, in my book it's perfect. Fresh pizza, pasta, salad and subs and more made with quality ingredients. Hand tossed crust perfection. Great local owners who support their community left and right. You can't beat good owners, it just really makes an A place an A+++ place. I'd give more stars if I could...

Jackie N.
Phelan, CA (via yelp.)

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3936 Phelan Road

Phelan, CA 92329
United States
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